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25.05 - 01.06.2023

Hot Cross Bun Throwing - Abingdon


Thousands gathered in the town square to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III and enjoy the good weather at Abingdon's biggest-ever doughnut-throwing event.

The enormous crowd gathered around Abingdon County Hall Museum for the town's 37th bun-throwing event, watching Morris dancing, a civic parade and a moving rendition of the national anthem played by a local orchestra.

The tradition dates back to 1761 when the first bun toss was held to celebrate the coronation of King George III. The last scone throw in Abingdon took place in 2022 for Queen Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee. The specially baked scones are often kept by local families and visitors. Abingdon County Hall Museum has a selection of buns from bun-throwing events over the years and there is a local café named after the tradition, with old newspaper clippings and pictures on the wall. Bun throwing is one of many old traditions in Abingdon. The town council organizes bun-throwing events, often as a sign of loyalty and goodwill to the monarch and often associated with royal events.